Course curriculum

  • 2

    Getting Started - Gathering Your Data

    • Getting Started - Gathering your Data

    • Getting Started Video

    • Resource: Internal Audit Data Capture Form

    • Resource: Single Use Data Form

    • Resource: NYC Compliance Form

    • Resource: Action Plan Template

    • Optional Survey

    • Check Your Understanding - Section Quiz

  • 3

    Working with your Waste Management Hauler

    • Working with your Waste Management Hauler

    • Working with Waste Haulers Video

    • Resource: Waste Hauler Data Capture Form + RFP Interview Guide

  • 4

    Conducting Waste Audits

    • Introduction: Conducting Waste Audits

    • Waste Audit Introduction Video (video 1)

    • Waste Audit Prep Day of Video (video 2)

    • Waste Audit Demonstration (How To) Video (video 3)

    • Waste Audit Report (How To) Video (video 4)

    • Resources: Waste Audit Prep Excel File + Report Template

    • Feedback on Conducting the Waste Audit

  • 5

    Improving your Recycling Program

    • Introduction: Improving your Recycling Program

    • Video: Improving your Recycling Program

    • Resource: Signage for Trash & Recycle Bins

    • Resource: Screen Content Toolkit (Vertical + Horizontal) for use in your Office

    • Resource: Waste Reduction & Diversion FAQs

    • Resource: Handout for your Cleaning Team (Also in Culture Module)

    • Resource: Zero Waste Resource Guide

  • 6

    Improving your Organics Program (or starting one!)

    • Introduction: Improving your Organics Program (or starting one!)

    • Starting an Organics Program Video

    • Resource: Organics FAQ

    • Resource: Organics Mini Training

  • 7

    Developing a Low Waste Culture in your Office

    • Introduction: Low Waste Culture in your Office

    • Developing a Low Waste Culture in your Office Video

    • Resource: Low Waste Culture Guide

    • Resource: Cleaning Team Guide

    • Resource: Cleaning Staff Environmental Ambassador Program Overview

    • Resource: Deskdrop Campaign Card (Oops Card)

    • Resource: Mini Training Guide (feel free to customize)

    • Resource: Quiz for your office

    • Resource: Low Waste / Zero Waste Events Guide

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